Precision mechanical assemblies

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Various composite assemblies using MinebeaMitsumi's precision bearings.

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Internal Sourcing of All Parts

High technology products demand bearing assemblies and precision components to satisfy increasingly critical tolerances. MinebeaMitsumi's special assemblies meet these demands.

Ultra-precision Machining Technology

This product capitalizes on MinebeaMitsumi's ultra-precision machining technologies cultivated by production of ball bearings.


pma m 02A pulley bearing is manufactured by molding the outer ring of a ball bearing and plastic pulley with a raceway on its outer surface. Pulley bearings are used principally in automated teller machines (ATMs), ticket vending machines and other similar machines.
All parts - ball bearings and shafts - are manufactured in-house, giving MinebeaMitsumi an unmatched advantage in terms of quality, supply capabilities, cost-competitiveness and speed of delivery.