fasteners m 01Fasteners, including bolts, nuts and rivets, are mechanical components used to fasten one object to another.

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Mainly Using for Aerospace and Automobile

MinebeaMitsumi's fasteners are used in a wide range of applications demanding superior quality and durability,  particularly in aircraft and automobiles.

Quality and Production Capabilities by Integrated Manufacturing System

MinebeaMitsumi has established an integrated production system where all process from cold and hot forming to machining, heat treatment and surface treatment are conducted in-house to be exceptionally responsible in a timely manner to diversifying market demands and to maintain a stable high quality and supply capabilities.


In order to conform to the requirements of special processes (i.e. Heat treatment, Surface treatment and Nondestructive Testing) for commercial aircrafts' fasteners and mechanical parts, world-wide, MinebeaMitsumi has been accredited by Nadcap.