Strain gages

guage m 01Strain gages consist of a very fine and thin metallic foil etched in a grid pattern, which is bonded to a device and used to measure the strain, or amount of deformation of the device when load or pressure is applied. The resulting electrical output is proportional to the strain.
Because these strain gages are so small that they are negligible in mass, they excel in sensitivity, stability and fatigue with no inertial effect. They are also an easy-to-handle device, whose operating temperature range is wide. The strain gages can be used to measure the strain of all kinds of materials, regardless of metal or plastic.

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Load cells

load cell m 01

MinebeaMitsumi manufactures load cells that use strain gage to convert tension, compression or mass into electric signals. Load cells, connected to various measuring devices for measuring purposes, display, record, control and keep track of the loads.
Applications are diverse varying from small sensors for use in electronic scales, bath scales, game consoles and home electronics to those for general industrial uses, such as truck scales, measuring systems in production lines and tank scales.

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Force sensors

force m 01

Used in bath scales, various other types of scales, game consoles, home appliances, load sensors, etc., these sensors are sensors for mass production that use strain gages.

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Pressure sensor

trans m 01Using Silicon On Sapphire technology or strain gage, these high-accurate and prolonged stability-type pressure sensors are sensors that measure pressure as electric signals. Connect to various measuring devices for measurement purposes, the sensors perform displaying, recording, controlling, monitoring the pressure, etc.

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