HDD Spindle motors

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Hard Disk Drive (HDD) spindle motors are what cause the disks in HDDs to rotate. The precision of these motors determine the capacity and speed of HDDs, making these components critical to HDD performance. Accordingly, these motors must offer superior performance in terms of rotational speed and low Non-Repeatable Run Out (NRRO).



Using of High-Precision Bearings

Bearings are crucial to HDD spindle motors precision. MinebeaMitsumi's HDD spindle motors use bearings manufactured in-house greatly contributing to the precision and reliability of these products.
In addition to models containing ball bearings, MinebeaMitsumi offers HDD spindle motors using  fluid dynamic bearings (FDBs), giving it a sharp competitive edge in this market.

Fluid dynamic bearings 

Internal Sourcing of All parts

hdd spin m 02Most of the parts used in these motors - from machined parts, such as bearings,  shafts and hubs, base and magnets - other than wrap lines and lead lines are produced in-house,  giving MinebeaMitsumi unmatched advantage interms of quality, supply capabilities,  manufacturing costs and speed of delivery.

Global R&D Activity

A manufacturing facility in Thailand employs MinebeaMitsumi's vertically integrated manufacturing system, whereby all processes from production of components to final assembly are conducted in-house. The Thai R&D center, which is located next to the manufacturing facility, focuses on contamination control and material science, and aim to improve the product quality, promptly and effectively on the shop floor. With R&D centers in Japan and Singapore, and a design and development center in Germany, we can ensure higher reliability.