Polygon mirror scanner motors

plg m 01

These motors are used in laser writing in digital copiers and other such devices.
Polygon mirror rotated at high speed to scan laser beam radiated from LD (laser diode) into photoreceptor.
High-precision fluid bearing technology helps make equipments quieter and save both space and energy.

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High-pressure blowers

blower m 01 1


High-pressure Blower developed for industrial machines such as printing machines, to blow and or inhale printing papers by highly efficient airflow.

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HDD Spindle motors

hdd spin m 01

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) spindle motors are what cause the disks in HDDs to rotate. The precision of these motors determine the capacity and speed of HDDs, making these components critical to HDD performance. Accordingly, these motors must offer superior performance in terms of rotational speed and low Non-Repeatable Run Out (NRRO).

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Rotation angle sensors

rotary m 01Resolvers, synchros and tachometer generators with rotation angle sensors are manufactured.

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